The Prospectus
                  Corporate non profit organization
                                                        Kamagasaki Shien Kiko
            (The organization to support the homeless in Kamagasaki)

The President of the founders Honda Tetsuro

The homeless have been increasing throughout our country in recent years, as some activities to support them have been carried out to cope with the situation. Some non profit organizations volunteer their services giving foods and places to sleep, and counseling on medical treatment for the homeless around Kamagasaki (Airin district) where the population of the homeless is the densest in Osaka.
The Government of our country also investigated how to cope with the situation this year. It worked out the plan called "the urgent plan to solve the problem of the homeless" at the liaison conference on the problem of the homeless, and promoted local governments to carry out their projects for the self-reliance of the homeless.
"The urgent plan to solve the problem of the homeless" has the article, "the government should cooperate with social welfare organizations, non profit voluntary organizations and the like which carry out some projects to support self-reliance of the homeless, and provide necessary supports to them." This article requests cooperation with organizations which have been in action to solve the problem.
Under these circumstances we, volunteers, also have recognized ourselves at the step to make the system of our responsibilities and securing of continuation socially clearer than ever as a social member. And we have come to consider founding an incorporated non profit organization.
The circumstances mentioned above make the aim to found the organization clear, which gives the homeless better social treatments and supports for their self-reliance and preventive activities before their plunging into the situation of the homeless.
Therefore we will carry out activities of providing foods, places to sleep, counseling on medical treatments and living conditions, and providing opportunities of working which are basic conditions of self-reliance.
We will also coordinate voluntary organizations and administrative bodies, and carry out activities of research, study, publicity and education, which are necessary to support their self-reliance.
Furthermore, we will try to build a community of inhabitants in the district including homeless as one, raising discussions, making plans, because the dense population of the homeless in Kamagasaki has relation to the district circumstances.
We will try to do a fund raising campaign to support the activities above and other related and necessary activities.
Our activities:
1. to promote the health, the medical treatment and the welfare
2. to promote social education
3. to promote building communities
4. to promote defending human rights or peace

Our projects:
1. to provide the homeless with foods
2. to provide the homeless with places to sleep
3. to counsel with the homeless and the probable homeless
4. to research the actual situation of the homeless and the probable homeless
5. to make a publicity and a enlightenment contributing to better social treatments for the homeless and the probable homeless
6. to support activities to make social treatments for the homeless and the probable homeless better
7. to provide opportunities of working which are necessary for the homeless and the probable homeless
8. to provide all the things and services of living and health that the homeless and the probable homeless need at low prices
9. other related projects